Volunteer in Greensboro, NC at Well•Spring Solutions' Day Advantage -- adult day program

It is hard to put into words how valuable volunteers are to the day-to-day operations of Day Advantage, the adult day program, and Connections, the group respite program, both part of Well•Spring Solutions. Volunteers are an integral part of the services we provide to the participants attending our centers and to their caregivers. If you are interested in volunteering with Well•Spring Solutions, here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available:

  • Special Projects: Various special events such as the “senior” prom and other miscellaneous projects. Hours are flexible.
  • Program Assistant Volunteer: The Program Assistant Volunteers offer reassurance and companionship to the participants who attend the programs. They may work one-on-one with an individual or with groups. They may be offered opportunities to conduct small group activities, lead exercises, help in meal preparation or discuss the news and day’s events.
  • Art Volunteer: Art Volunteers assist staff or lead small group or one-on-one art activities. This may include planning and implementing art projects, one to two times each month, with participants who attend programs. These art projects can consist of water or acrylic painting, working with clay, wood working or other appropriate mediums.
  • Inter-generational Volunteers:  Children who are accompanied by adults and will volunteer at the programs are Inter-generational Volunteers.  Activities for such volunteers include pet therapy, arts and crafts, music or exercise, just to name a few!
  • Entertainment Volunteers: Entertainment Volunteers share talents such as playing musical instruments, singing, story telling and performing.
  • Clerical Volunteers: Clerical Volunteers assist the administrative and program staff with answering the phone, making copies, collating training books and/or entering information into the computer.
  • Devotions Volunteer: Devotion Volunteers lead discussions of a spiritual nature by reading stories, scripture and/or singing hymns with the participants.
  • One on One Volunteers: One on One Volunteers work with individuals who benefit from individual attention due to their impairments. Activities may include taking them for a walk, assisting them individually with group activities or just sitting and holding their hand.
  • Horticulture Volunteers: Horticulture Volunteers lead activities such as gardening, flower arranging, crafts with dried flowers, garden reminiscing and armchair garden tours.
  • Pet Therapy Volunteers: Pet Therapy Volunteers bring their pets to the programs on a regular basis. During the visit they will take the pet around to different participants and reminisce about pets they have owned.
  • Creative Movement Volunteers: Creative movement volunteers work with small groups of participants doing simple creative movement exercises once or twice a week.

If you are interested in volunteering with Well•Spring Solutions, please contact us:

McNair, Latoya

Respite Director, Connections Program at Muir’s Chapel
(336) 373-4301

Randall, Taylor

Respite Director, Connections Program at First Baptist
(336) 373-4301

Upcoming Volunteer Orientations:

 More coming soon! 

Located at: 2701 Henry Street, Greensboro, NC 27405

Well•Spring Solutions provides volunteers in Greensboro and Guilford County, NC opportunities to serve their community.