Greensboro, NC’s Adult Center for Enrichment Success Stories

We have a story to tell …

The first thing people notice about Mitch is his brilliant blue eyes. The next  thing they notice is the oxygen that helps him breathe. Mitch was an Army Medic in World War II and a survivor of the Battle of the Bulge. Now he suffers from dementia along with chronic lung problems and has to rely on his daughter, Cindy, to provide for his needs. Cindy moved in with Mitch after her mother died. She works full time to support herself and her father. Cindy didn’t know what to do when she got a call from a neighbor saying her father was wandering the neighborhood looking for his wife. She knew it was no longer safe to leave him home alone so she was grateful when she discovered that he could attend Well•Spring Solutions’ Day Advantage adult day programs while she works.

Wanda enrolled David, her husband, into the Day Advantage program at First Baptist group respite program shortly after he was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease. During the initial assessment Wanda indicated that her stress level was extremely high and that she needed a break from caring for David. As often happens with caregivers, Wanda and her husband became isolated from friends and relatives because, in her words, “They just didn’t seem to understand.” David initially enrolled for two days a week, but after Wanda attended several Well•Spring Solutions’ support group meetings she increased his attendance to 4 days per week.  Wanda’s stress level has decreased and she now has time to reconnect with friends or just enjoy a quiet moment alone. Also, thanks to her increased knowledge of community resources, David is now receiving health services and medication assistance from the VA, which has reduced their economic burdens.

Testimonials: What Our Adult Day Care Participants Are Saying

“I cannot thank everyone involved with Well•Spring Solutions enough. It gave my husband a new life, he is a happier person and knowing that he is in good, caring hands, gives me peace of mind and makes my life easier in many ways.”

“The program and the people who run every aspect of it are wonderful. This has saved my sanity and given me hope. Thank you.”

“This is a wonderful program run by incredible people. It has changed my life. I feel very supported and I am no longer alone anymore in caring for my loved one.”

“Well•Spring Solutions has been a blessing for my family. This program has allowed my family member to regain his independence, mental abilities, and provide friendship.”

“I feel that the adult center has really given my mother an opportunity to get away from the home and have stimulation, which truly improves the quality of one’s life. Thank you for your services. The members are great!”

“Truly a blessing. I am pleased with the professional service my spouse benefits from. Thanks!”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Amazing and refreshing.”

“I couldn’t ask for better attention then what my family member is getting. Thank you again.”

Well•Spring Solutions is proud to assist families throughout Greensboro and Guilford County, NC.