Facts About Well•Spring Solutions (formerly the Adult Center for Enrichment)

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Who are we?

Well•Spring Solutions is a nonprofit program that has offered a full range of services to older adults for 30 years. We are a member of The Well•Spring Group, which also is a nonprofit.  Our Day Advantage adult day program (formerly known as the Adult Center for Enrichment) and Connections group respite program are among just two of the programs offered by Well•Spring Solutions.

Who is eligible to attend?

Any adult age 18 or older who needs socialization during the day instead of isolation at home or an adult who cannot be left at home alone because of an illness or disability.

Do I have to come every day?

No, you may choose the days of attendance and the hours that meet your schedule, from one day a week up to five days per week.

When are the centers open?

The Day Advantage adult day center on Henry Street is open Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM.
The Connections group respite programs are open Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

May I visit and look around?

Visitors are always welcome at any of the Well•Spring Solutions centers in Greensboro.

Is a physician’s referral required?

No, although many physicians recommend Day Advantage adult day program, a doctor’s referral is not necessary.

How much does it cost?

Fees are based on the number of days per week your loved one is enrolled to attend. During the assessment a staff person will discuss the fees with you. Some participants may qualify for one of many funding sources, if funds are available.

Does Long Term Care Insurance pay for services?

Most long term care insurance policies do cover our Greensboro adult day services. Check your policy to be certain.

How Do I Apply?

Just call to set a time for an assessment: 336-274-3559. When you set the appointment the staff member will give you further information about  the center and what information to bring with you.

Do you offer support groups for caregivers?

Well•Spring Solutions provides ongoing support groups and educational programs for caregivers.

Well•Spring Solutions offers our FAQ concerning our adult day care services in Greensboro, NC.